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A Death Divided



Clare Francis

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Mehr Infos

Verlag: Pan

Jahr: 2001

Ausgabe: Taschenbuch

'In the downpour, the taxi window was like bottle glass, it made her image distort and shimmy and blur. Yet even as he wiped the fog impatiently from the glass, something in the woman's half-profile, in the line of her jaw, in the way she walked, made him sit up and press his nose to the window. The red wall of a slow-moving bus blocked his vision at the critical moment, but he knew.'

Joe, struggling to survive his job in a high-powered law firm, is faced with the challenge of finding his childhood friend, Jenna, who has been missing for four years. But has she disappeared through choice? Or is she under the powerful influence of her husband, the restless, troubled Chetwood?For Joe, the search is a matter of duty, but also of conscience - for he introduced them to each other, he was enthralled by them both...Helped by his prickly girlfriend, Sarah, Joe manages to find the beautiful, faded Jenna, only to realize too late that he has set some terrible events in motion...